Our Residential Networks

What Sets Your Property Apart?

Let Our Advanced Wi-Fi Set Your Property Apart!

  • Over 95% of your current residents already pay to use the Internet every day!
  • Why let third party companies make money off your residents?
  • Let FCS Networks tap your Company into a new PROFIT CENTER!

How Do We Do It?

We give YOU the ability to become your residents Internet provider! For just $11 to $18 per unit per month we provide your property with a 100% secure high Speed Wi-Fi network. This will give both your Tenants and Employees 100% secure Internet access anywhere on your property!

100% Secure Internet Access Anywhere On Your Property

Common Area's
Fitness Center

Improve Your Residents Satisfaction! Give Your Property The Competitive Edge!

  • According to J Turner Research, residents rate high quality Wi-Fi service as one of the top amenities they look for in a property.
  • However, managers and residents are frustrated with the high costs and spotty coverage of most Solutions.
  • Give your residents a Wi-Fi system that's easy to use and works!

Incredibly affordable!

  • Our superior technology enables us to provide Wi-Fi coverage at a fraction of what our competitors charge.
  • Offer it as an amenity, or enable residents to pay for the service by the hour, day, wee, or month: both solutions allow additional revenue generation for your property.
  • FCS Networks solution is incredibly affordable, swap out your existing, less reliable network, for one that's easier and less costly to manage.

Owner Benefits

  • 100 Percent Secured High Speed Wi-Fi network available to only paying residents
  • New Profit Center
  • Increased Asset Value
  • Competitive Advantage (Increased Marketability)
  • Higher Tenant Retention
  • Enhanced Asset Protection (Wireless Cameras)
  • Supports National Carbon Reduction Initiatives

Here at FCS Networks

We work with all major data and telecommunication companies across the US. All of our custom networks also come with 4G mobile network back up  incase the hard line service is interrupted. This way your residents internet will never be down unless there is a total power outage.

Tenant Benefits

  • Cost Savings
  • No third party contracts to sign
  • Improved Internet Accessibility
  • Expanded Internet Functionality
  • Enhanced Security (Wireless Cameras)