Renewable Energy

In a diverse global marketplace organizations and managers must effectively and efficiently connect goods and services with the people and technology to get the job done successfully.

This requires skills to:

  • Identify potential international markets 
  • Understand and minimize barriers (i.e) cultural differences, fear, distrust, bureaucracy, etc.)
  • Maintain long term business relationships
  • Maintain a competitive edge in profitable business ventures

Our Process

  • Identify the opportunity and research feasibility 
  • Identify and connect the local and international resources to match solutions 
  • Secure Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Letter of Intent as appropriate for service(s)
  • Identify local priority needs and implementation timeline
  • Secure funding and additional resources for implementation 
  • Implement, which includes continual performance feedback


  • Enhanced domestic/international business development 
  • Enhanced opportunities for local and international economic development and jobs/career development
  • Revenue generation and revenue sharing
  • Enhanced opportunities for humanitarian support for education, health care, housing and business development