Multi-Tenant Office/Business Properties

Multi-Tenant Office Buildings / Parks

Just like with the multi-family properties our technology turns your company into your tenants Internet provider, providing your company a new profit stream. We start out by designing a custom Wi-Fi network for your property that we customize to meet its bandwidth needs. We then develop a custom web portal for the entire property that will be branded and customized to your liking. This portal will be the center piece of your FCS Network! This is where both you and your tenants will gain access to the network. Our technology allows us to create multiple small networks within the main network to allow your tenants who are leasing office space to have their own customized network. They too will get their own web portal that will be branded to their specific company. These small networks can be changed, updated and monitored. (See Example Below)


We also can seamlessly integrate compact HD wireless security cameras right into our Wi-Fi networks for a fraction of what the competition charges. This is our AirVison technology which gives you the ability to monitor and put the cameras anywhere on your property.