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In today's world of ever evolving technology and social media Americans' spend more and more time using their mobile devices. Whether they are Tweeting, on Facebook, on Instagram or browsing the web, people want to be connected! Imagine having a service that gives your clients the connectivity they want but also gives them a customized experience with your brand and establishment. Imagine if this service could promote your brand, help sell merchandise, generate client contact information and tap you into a whole new profit center via advertisements.

There's no need to imagine!! At FCS Networks we build customized high speed Wi-Fi Networks that will give your clients what we call the "Total Experience".

How It Works

FCS Networks designs a custom secure high speed Wi-Fi network that will provide your whole property with high speed Internet connectivity. You also will have the option to include mini HD cameras that integrate directly into the Wi-Fi network. These can be used as either promotional cameras, security cameras or both.

FCS Networks designs a customized web portal that connects your brand and establishment directly to your clients. This portal will be the epicenter of your Network and will be branded with your logo and customized to your liking. To gain access to this portal guests will be required to enter their email address. Once entered they will have full access to the portals features.

How Do Our Clients Gain Access?

FCS will generate a QR code with your network information. These codes will be placed throughout the establishment where guests can quickly scan the code from any mobile device. Your network information will immediately pop up on their device where they will be required to give their email for free access. Once submitted they will have full access to the web portals features and its benefits.

Web Portal Examples


Customized Web Portal

Here at FCS Networks we work with all major data and telecommunication companies across the US. All of our custom networks also come with 4G mobile network back up incase the hard line service is interrupted. This way your guests Internet will never be down unless there is a total power outage. We monitor and optimize our Networks 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Guests want to be connected! Give them that ability while generating a custom experience that exposes your brand and creates a new profit center for your club or establishment.