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Who We Are

FCS Networks utilizes “Green Technologies” to provide cutting- edge network solutions that are custom tailored to fit the needs of any client. FCS Networks creates a high-performance user experience while creating a public purpose media, centered on areas such as education, jobs, and health care. FCS Networks leverages existing infrastructure and provides our Wi-Fi Networks as a utility for police, fire and other municipalities. We create an efficient and functional integration of services.

FCS Strategic Partners

High Speed Wireless Networks
  • Educational Content
  • Smart Grid Compliant
  • Virtual Job Training
  • Community Preservation
  • Accessibility
Community Impact
  • Job Creation
  • Sustainable Workforce Placement
  • Revitalization of Local Business Marketing Initiatives
  • Bridge Technological Gap
  • Increase Computer Literacy
  • Reduce Carbon Footprints

Customized Wi-Fi Network

A catalyst for sustainable infrastructure and community development

Leveraging existing infrastructure and treating Wi-Fi as a utility for police, fire and other municipal needs creates an efficient and functional separation of service.

High-performance user experience with public purpose media...
Education, Jobs, Health Care and other vital issues are ensured by key security and real-time remote and on-site support.

Transformation Achieved by Learning Experiences (TABLE) is an innovative computer education program for young people in grades K-12. The program will serve 250 children and teenagers annually, teaching underserved young people to take advantage of the educational benefits, economic tools and opportunities presented by computer technology.